Access Control

Networker Services designs, installs, and services access control systems and video security systems for homes, commercial buildings, and government agencies.

Our systems use integrated hardware, software, and network components to ensure consistent, quality security and provide a comprehensive and efficient approach to access control, security, and systems management.

After an initial consultation—which can include a site survey to identify gaps and weaknesses—we design scalable systems to fit your unique needs and budget.


Access Control features can include:
  • Web Hosted Management
  • On-Site & Off-Site Management
  • Browser-based log-in
  • Reports generation and activity logs
  • Multiple logins for security and partitioned database access
  • Up to 25,000 users/credentials per control panel
  • Audit trail of administrative actions

Video Security Products

In these times security cannot be left to amateurish thinking and simplistic configurations. Perpetrators are sophisticated and more brazen than ever in their activities with no regard for the consequences. Networker Services performs site surveys, we identify weaknesses, then make recommendations to fit your needs and budget. Using Digital Media, Networker Services provides advanced solutions at affordable pricing.


Some of our video security systems include:
  • Intrusion detection
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Thermal imaging
    Some of our home video security systems include:
    • License plate reader cameras that capture vehicles traveling up to 60mph
    • High-resolution home security cameras with quality specifications
    • Digital video recorders with quality specifications
    • Video wall systems, multi-display systems, and control centers

    We partner with top-notch, state of the art manufacturers to provide:
    • On-site and remote access to access control and video systems management through web-hosted, cloud-based networks
    • Web-hosted systems management that tracks administrative actions and gives easy access to activity logs and other reports
    • Security video management that integrates camera pictures at the time access is granted

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